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Join the Lithium Storage Solutions family today!

Become an dealer and enjoy all of the following benefits...

The Lithium Safety Store™ has been designed to prevent an uncontrolled fire caused by the thermal runaway during charging, or from damaged, degraded, old, or poorly manufactured lithium batteries, whilst also providing a safe space to store other hazardous materials such as fuel, flares, gas canisters and other combustible liquids and materials.

  • Market Exclusivity: Stands out in the market with innovative early warning systems, exceptional strength, and heat-blocking technology.

  • Essential Safety Solution: Vital for every boat and marina, significantly enhancing safety standards.

  • Profitable Opportunity: Opens up a new market for dealers with attractive profit margins.

  • Rapid Delivery: Available locally for swift 2-3 day delivery, ensuring customer satisfaction.

  • Zero Maintenance: Completely hassle-free for both dealers and customers.

  • Crucial Investment: More than just a product, it's an essential investment in protecting yachts, crews, and passengers from spontaneous and uncontrollable lithium-ion fires. A compelling addition to every dealer's inventory.

Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to be a part of the our family, and our world-beating range of marrine safety products. Join us today as a dealer and unlock a world of possibilities.

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